“Beasts of No Nation” if you haven’t seen it find a way of watching it! It stars Idris Elba and young Abraham Attah whose performance in the film was nothing less than remarkable. The film tells the story of Agu (Abraham Attah) who had to deal with his mother and younger sibling fleeing and his father and brother killed during a civil war.

Agu is forced to join a unit of militant fighters led by Idris Elba’s character only known as (the Commandant). The film really grabs you early on and you can see how Agu changes from a young, innocent, naughty boy; to child soldier. The genesis of his transformation starts when the Commandant “saves” Agu and forces him to salute and scream yes sir! yes sir! yes sir! Over and over again; with each one louder than the last and the louder his words got another nail hammered into the coffin of young, innocent, naughty boy Agu.

It really is touching film and maybe I’m being a bit biassed but fuck! We deserve it the country finally has a proper actor! Sorry Kenya; Lupita is no more the hot stuff from Africa we win! If you’re from Kenya and you’re wondering why we win —–> He is younger and cuter so there. 😝 And also guys stop saying man was found on the street he wasn’t; he was in school he said it himself:

“People are saying I was a street vendor, but I’m not a street vendor. I was in school. We were playing football on our school field, and a white man was watching when I was playing. I thought he needed someone for the football team. He told us we should go for an audition. I was working hard for the role, so I got the role.”