In a recent interview with MONTREALITY musician and potential dumsor saviour Akon spoke about why he chose to pass on signing Drake. Imagine he signed Lady Gaga to KonLive if he had Drake too oh laawwwd thats to much money in the bank.

“I honestly did pass on him because at the time, he didn’t sound like what he sounded like today,” Akon says. “The ‘Best I Ever Had,’ it wasn’t even close to what that sounded like. I think he was at a position where he was finding himself. And I kind of heard it in the music, but ultimately, as time goes, people develop [and] they get better and they become the best because of things like that. Sometimes that motivates you to want to be better and take yourself to the next level. I think with him—he was turned around so many times to where it became more of his motivation. And that’s what it’s supposed to do, you supposed to take every situation and make the best out of it. Don’t take it to a position where you think people are hating or people don’t wanna rock with you like that. It’s just creating an environment for you to be stronger and make yourself better at what it is that you do. That’s the whole idea and I think that’s what it was.”