Ever the humble gentleman Drake spoke out about how honoured he was to be on Wizkid’s smash hit single “Ojuelegba”. Sine the remix dropped over the summer he hasn’t said a single word about what prompted him to hop on the track with Wiz until now. In an interview with the FADER for their 100th issue the 6ix god said “I just did it because I was in the moment. I wasn’t thinking like, ‘Oh man, I gotta get my brand up in Nigeria. Not to say that’s not important. I’m super-honored to be on that song.” According to Fader “Drake had to rap in a way he’s never rapped before, to the extent that it takes him a couple of bars to find the swing of the beat. As soon as he does find it (it happens right as he’s singing Pree me, dem a pree me, Jamaican patois for ‘they’re watching me’) his vocals and the music click into place, and suddenly the song sounds like it could be a stateside hit.”