The comics are created by Comic Republic a Lagos-based startup that wants to promote the growth of Nigeria’s comic book industry with their unique African superhero stories. This is really cool I remember taking my father’s Daily Graphic and pulling out the comic section just to catch up on the latest adventures of Spiderman; there were other comics in there too I just can’t remember their names [I’m a massive Spiderman fan]. When the company launched in 2013 Jide Martin now 37 years of age; felt there were very little quality comics coming out of Africa, as well as a decline in the reading culture of comics on the continent so he and his team at Comic Republic are trying to remedy that situation by putting out some comics! yaaaaaaaay!






You can read the comic on their website for free

A few words some key members at Comic Republic

“We believe in the power of stories,” says the company’s head of marketing and corporate communications, Eduvie Oyaide. “Sometimes, people struggle with acceptance of who they are. With our stories, we want to reprogram the values and beliefs that drive behaviour among individuals. We want to inspire people to believe they can be so much more than they think if only they believe, we want to drive them to believe they have the power to influence their future. Some of our stories are focused on entertaining the audience, while others will include phrases that inspire you to think deeper about self worth,” writes Oyaide. “We drive the message – we can all be heroes and we are all guardians, guardians of our future.”